Not just beer, we have cocktails too! Helio Basin's cocktail bar offers classic cocktails with a local twist as they were designed by our friends of Bar Bianco in downtown Phoenix.

Signature Cocktails

AZ Tequila Old Fashioned - $10.50

An Old Fashioned made with our brewery’s malted barley infused AZ tequila and local mesquite flower honey and AZ Bitters Lab bitters.

Muleto Fuerte - $7.50

A different kind of mule. This strong little mule is made with cucumber and jalepeno and fresno infused vodka for a nice balanced drink.

Robust Sour - $10.50

A twist on a Brooklyn Sour - made with Whiskey Del Bac Smoked Dorado and topped with a float of our Robust Porter!

Sonoran Gin & Tonic - $7.50

A twist on a classic - made with AZ Commerce Gin and garnished with a hint of fresh oregano and sage.

The Helio Dorado - By Iconic Cocktail - $8.50

A riff on a Mezcal Paloma - with Whiskey Del Bac Smoked Dorado, Iconic Cocktail Spiced Honey, and topped with our Pamplemousse Pale!