Straight Outta County

Close to a slightly hoppy Extra Special Bitter (ESB) by style, it’s easy, clean and flavorful.


Straight Outta County

This beer was brewed in collaboration with One Love Pit Bull Foundation, which is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping Maricopa County shelter dogs through enrichment and adoption programs. They also focus on pet retention, community outreach and spay/neuter. After meeting with members of their team, it made sense for this beer to be a “mutt” by style. It might not fit in any specific category technically, it’s a little bit malty, a little bit hoppy… but like the dogs it represents, it is overall just easy to drink and ready to be loved.

Dark copper in color and brewed with Cascade and Amarillo hops. The aroma is subtle with hints of fresh grapefruit. The flavor is a perfect balance of a slight caramel and fresh citrus. This is an easy drinking brew just begging you to take it home!

6.4% ABV 40 IBU | On tap and in cans