Lithium Lager

Brewed with water from an Arizona hot springs and made for the Arizona climate, this is truly an Arizona lager!


Lithium Lager

This beer was developed and brewed specifically for the rebirth of Arizona’s oldest resort, the storied Castle Hot Springs. It was designed to be crisp and refreshing and brewed with water from the historic natural hot springs. After a lot of sensory with the ownership team, it was decided that a nice and crisp, Munich Helles style lager would be the choice for this brew. This beer pours a beautiful golden straw color and has a bright, white head. The aroma is clean with subtle hints of grain. The flavor profile is bright and crisp with a moderate yet refreshingly pleasant hop character. Notes of slightly floral and spicy (herbal) balance out the subtle malt sweetness to keep this beer easy to drink and having you wanting another.

5.0% ABV

30 IBU

On tap