“Chupacabra Logga” Peppercorn Pilsner

A pilsner with a kick and the flavor to match. You won’t be disappointed!


“Chupacabra Logga” Peppercorn Pilsner

Brewed as an homage to the legendary Chupacabra. This German style Pilsner was brewed to be slightly higher alcohol (because, let’s be honest, a beast like that isn’t drinking some low ABV sh*t!). We added some black peppercorns to the mix on the back end to add just a little something extra to pair with your tasty goat. The aroma is minimal and clean with a slight hint of grain. The flavor starts with a true to pilsner crispness that’s pleasantly and subtly bitter. The peppercorn notes sneak up on you like a Chupacabra in the night, hunting its prey. It is not spicy or hot but actually lends an earthy and hop like subtle yet lingering bitterness to the finish that stays softly with you well after you finish the beer to help balance out the traditional subtle sweetness. This brew is easy to crush and pairs well with food!

6.0% ABV

35 IBU