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As a burgeoning leader in the Phoenix craft beer scene, Helio Basin Brewing is committed to bringing classic and unique flavors to beer drinkers across Arizona. Our diverse lineup of mainstay and seasonal offerings provides you and your friends many opportunities to experience the taste right for you.

Mainstay beer selection


602 Brew

Ranked the #156 best beer in the world by Beer Connoisseur, this beer is a nod to Central Phoenix and those who call it home. Phoenix is Rising and it's time to take pride in where you live! This light and clean beer is brewed to be able to quench your thirst on those hot summer days, or anytime you just need a refreshing and crisp beer to toast to home - cheers to you Phoenix!

4.7% ABV 18 IBU


Fayuca Rizing Xtra Pale Ale

Ranked the #56 best beer in the world and #3 best American Pale Ale, this beer is brewed in collaboration with and specifically for local Phoenix band Fayuca! Somewhere between an IPA and a Pale ale is where this crushable, concert thirst quencher finds its home. The aroma is bright and clean with grapefruit and melon notes as well as a subtle hint of pine and spice. The initial flavor shows a soft caramel sweetness up front with a smooth transition to a pleasant citrus bitterness on the back end and finishes cleanly.

6.3% ABV 60 IBU


Blackberry Blonde

Not your typical fruit beer! Subtle hint of blackberry on the nose and a nice, clean body. The flavor of the fruit is both softly sweet yet refreshingly tart. Versatile enough for any crowd!

4.9% ABV 15 IBU


American Pale Ale

Clean Pale Ale with a strong hop presence from classic American hops. A simple malt bill and hop profile blended to create this underappreciated style.

5.5% ABV 50 IBU


Arcadia Amber

Not Granny's Amber. Hints of grapefruit from the hops and sweet caramel from the malt entice your nose. The flavor has notes of caramel and toffee followed seemlessly by pleasantly intense bitterness with hints of citrus.

5.8% ABV 70 IBU


American IPA

Notes of sweet caramel and pine on the nose offer a great preview of what's to come. The classic American hops compliment the subtley sweet yet pleasantly dry flavors from the Cara malts. A true to style classic, old-school American IPA.

6.5% ABV 75 IBU


Robust Porter

A beautiful dark and flavorful beer that is sure to please your senses without filling you up. Notes of burnt caramel, coffee and dark chocolate hit the nose from the special blend of malts in this brew. Complex and subtly, yet pleasantly bitter, this Robust Porter finishes dry and clean leaving you ready for another - any time of year!

5.8% ABV 40 IBU


Seasonal beers


Lithium Lager

This beer was developed and brewed specifically for the rebirth of Arizona’s oldest resort, the storied Castle Hot Springs. It was designed to be crisp and refreshing and brewed with water from the historic natural hot springs. After a lot of sensory with the ownership team, it was decided that a nice and crisp, Munich Helles style lager would be the choice for this brew. This beer pours a beautiful golden straw color and has a bright, white head. The aroma is clean with subtle hints of grain. The flavor profile is bright and crisp with a moderate yet refreshingly pleasant hop character. Notes of slightly floral and spicy (herbal) balance out the subtle malt sweetness to keep this beer easy to drink and having you wanting another.

5.0% ABV 30 IBU


“Sunny Days Sippa” Session IPA

This tasty light, yet flavorful, brew is perfect for Arizona Summers! It is brewed with delicate pale malts and oat flakes to help give this beer a soft golden hue. Dry hopped with Mandarina Bavaria and Mosaic, the aroma is a wondrous mix of sweet tangerine, fresh citrus, along with a gentle kiss of ripe peaches and very subtle fresh blueberries. The flavor is very bright and refreshing while not truly bitter. The brightness transitions quickly to notes of fresh stone fruit with a subtle hint of soft pine on the back end. This brew is designed to go down smooth and easy while not filling you up or overpowering your palate. Summertime and the living is easy... easy as this SIPA!

4.9% ABV 10 IBU


“Chupacabra Logga” Peppercorn Pilsner

Brewed as an homage to the legendary Chupacabra. This German style Pilsner was brewed to be slightly higher alcohol (because, let’s be honest, a beast like that isn’t drinking some low ABV sh*t!). We added some black peppercorns to the mix on the back end to add just a little something extra to pair with your tasty goat. The aroma is minimal and clean with a slight hint of grain. The flavor starts with a true to pilsner crispness that’s pleasantly and subtly bitter. The peppercorn notes sneak up on you like a Chupacabra in the night, hunting its prey. It is not spicy or hot but actually lends an earthy and hop like subtle yet lingering bitterness to the finish that stays softly with you well after you finish the beer to help balance out the traditional subtle sweetness. This brew is easy to crush and pairs well with food!

6.0% ABV 35 IBU


Black IPA

The weather in Arizona this time of year is beautiful, yet fickle. Some days it will be warm and others there will be a slight chill. This beer has elements that will be perfect for any day. The color is dark, but don’t let that scare you off. The aroma is pleasantly and surprisingly sweet, with hints of candied grapefruit and over ripe oranges with just a hint of sweet cocoa and a touch of pine. The flavor starts with a slight hint of roasted, caramel malt that is nice and dry and then quickly blends back into grapefruit, tropical fruit and finishes cleanly with a gentle kiss of pine! This beer has just what you need when you can’t decide if it’s chilly enough for a dark beer or warm enough for an IPA. Don’t let the color fool you, this brew is complex yet simple, dark but hoppy!

7.5% ABV 85 IBU


Autumn Oak Imperial Nut Brown

Brewed with Muscovado Sugar and aged on American Oak. This is a very bold, yet surprisingly dry nut brown. Aroma of toasted hazelnuts and cocoa up front with the slightest hint of vanilla and caramel from the Oak - a tribute to the White Oaks of AZ and the Autumn Season.

8.0% ABV 25 IBU


Blood Orange Pale

This is the second beer in our continuing Citrus Series. Being that Citrus is one of the 5 C’s of Arizona and we are freshly in season, Blood Oranges just begged to be used! Brewed with Blood Orange peel (with some fruit left intact), not juice, this beer has a beautiful aroma of fresh oranges without being overly sweet. That first sip is a refreshingly easy to drink, yet not overpowering, with a noticeable taste of fresh Blood Oranges. The base beer itself has just enough of a balance to it as well as a delicate dry hop to accompany the fruit, so that you will certainly want more than just one pint. Fresh, not sweet, a slight hint of bitter for balance and a clean finish will surely make this a go-to beer for the spring!

5.1% ABV 20 IBU


Moo Point Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout

Moo Point is a reference to a ‘Joey-ism’ from the show Friends. He confuses moo and moot point – saying that it is like a cow’s opinion, it doesn’t matter… it’s moo. We loved that show and had to make a beer around it and what better style than an Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout! Brewed with two different types of chocolate malt and late addition chocolate and a badass label designed by Brandon Vodvarka that has a feel of those old chocolate milk cartons, we made this one extra special. The aroma is rich and deep with chocolate notes. The initial flavor is smooth and subtle with hints of cocoa fading on the back end. Despite its big aroma, this brew is actually smooth and subtle when it comes to the cocoa flavors, with great flavor and a hint of bitterness at the end for balance. It’s just enough to make you happy but not so much that you do not want more! It’s also hard to believe this puppy chimes in with a chocolate milk adult kick of 8% alcohol!

8.0% ABV 40 IBU


Vet Sesh IPA

This beer is brewed exclusively with the Veterans Blend of hops from YCH (Hop Union). They decided this year to put together a who’s who of hops into one pellet and donate back to the Semper Fi Fun. As a Veteran owned brewery (and one that already does a SFF brew – Kohi Imp Coffee Stout), we were offered a chance to brew with these! The hops that were blended together were Cashmere, Centennial, Ekuanot, Mosaic and Simcoe! This beer drinks like an IPA, but is carefully toned down to just 4.9% ABV! The aroma is full of pine, papaya and passion fruit. The flavor is a beautiful blend of melon, lime, overripe tangerine with a hint almost of green pepper to keep it nice and dry! This is a beer that is perfect for sharing stories and honoring those who have served all while giving back to those in need. Better drink a few… after all… it is for charity!

4.9% ABV 50 IBU

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