6:00 pm18:00

Spring Equinox 8-Course Beer Dinner

Join us for a true celebration of Spring in the Arizona desert! You know us for our Authentic Arizona food and our passion for using indigenous ingredients - so be sure to jump on this rare treat. We will be out foraging across the desert to bring you 8 courses that showcase how diverse Arizona truly is. To make it even a little more exciting, we will be pairing each dish with one of our quality crafted brews made right here! This will be a very exclusive event. We are normally closed on Mondays, so we are opening soley for this dinner and those who want to share in a true culinary experience! 

                                      Pemmican with Local Dates and Ancient Grain
                 venison/blueberry/desert lavender + rabbit/groundcherries/chaparral sage
                                                     Prickly Pear Gazpacho
                   Crow’s Dairy quark/pinon nut/cedar greens/toasted barrel cactus seed
                                                     Palo Verde Bean Puree
                citrus segments/creosote caviar/yucca flowers/Giza (smoked cracked corn)
                                                        Smoked Crawfish
                     mesquite pima polenta/nastritium/beer buerre blanc/pink peppercorn
                                                        Fried Cholla Buds
                                       brown butter/Itoili onions/carob + acorn crumb
                 pine pickled beets/hibiscus pickled cereus fruit/Navajo tea pickled rhubarb
                                                          Spring Lamb
juniper/Persian garden cress/wolfberry/Ramona Farm’s tepary beans/preserved apricot/labne
                                                         Corn custard pie

                      Stoneground pima corn/ironwood beans/candied Malabar berries/mint


Tickets for this limited event can be purchased HERE

4:00 pm16:00

Valentines Day Chef’s Dinner and Beer Release

Come celebrate Valentine's Day with Helio Basin Brewing Co! We have a limited amount of dinners so pre-order at the link provided. Tickets Here!

We will be serving a delicious three course meal prepared by our award winning kitchen. Dinner also includes a glass our newest beer: Bee's Knees, a Beligian Blonde made with Arizona Mesquite Honey. 

Cheese Plate with port derby cheddar, stilton white mango ginger, triple cream brie, beemster, jam and roasted nuts

Lamb Belly Roulade -or- Harissa Eggplant Lasagna
Blood orange sauce, roasted cherry tomatoes and broccolini, toasted pine nuts and burrata

Prickly Pear Vinegar Pie
Balsamic whipped mascarpone, dark chocolate and mint

The meal includes a sharable appetizer and dessert. Each guest will get their own entree and a glass of the Bee's Knees. The ticket price includes tax and gratuity.

3:00 pm15:00


Arizona Brewery Tours will be running a FREE shuttle around the BeerMUDA PHX: Helio Basin, Helton and Wren House between 3pm-7pm and 10% off your tab with same day receipt from any of the three breweries! Parking available at Helio Basin Brewery!